5 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Transform Your Bathroom Experience

Remodeling your bathroom can be both fun and budget friendly. There are a lot of options and inspirations out there so the task may seem overwhelming, but with a little guidance, your new and improved bathroom is just one project away. Here are 5 bathroom renovation ideas that will make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Try Something New

Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the most beautiful. Mix it up! Take a cue from one of these different bathrooms and try something new in your space. Water fittings are a great idea for bathroom remodeling because they are durable and adaptable. With a little creativity, you can use them to add a nice, clean, minimalist look to your bathtub.

You can also try using a copper colored metal rather than marble for a rustic-chic feel. Either way, all these ideas will give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Build Up

In a lot of bathrooms, tile will become a focal point. Many people go for traditional tile floors like slate and marble. If you are unsure, it’s best to stick with a contemporary look that won’t overpower the rest of your bathroom. Instead of choosing marble, consider using paint or tile with a neutral design.

Old Can Be New

Old doors, sinks and other bathroom fixtures have a lot of character and can definitely add a bit of personality to your bathroom. Give them a new lease on life by giving them a fresh coat of paint and adding some hooks or handles. Or you can use the old-fashioned look for inspiration and build a cabin-like design around them. This would be a great way to add some rustic charm to your bathroom.

Replace An Old Tub

The bathtub is the most important part in bathroom design because it sets the tone for the entire room. Keep it simple and use a traditional shower to keep the look streamlined. If the bathroom design is a bit too overwhelming, switch up the flooring to give the space some depth.

If your current bathtub is getting old and is starting to look dirty, don’t replace it. Instead, revamp your current bathtub with a new look. The Waterfall Shower with Shower Curtain is a great way to give your bathroom an old-fashioned look. A water cascade cascading down the back of your tub will bring it back to its roots.

Incremental Personalized Upgrades

Small upgrades such as fresh towels, flowers and potted plants can add a touch of color to any bathroom. You can also play with textures like mismatched bathmats, silk curtains or a variety of rugs.

Sometimes it’s not just about giving it a new look, but about creating a personalized space in your bathroom. You can easily dress up the space by mixing and matching accessories that go along with your bathroom’s theme. A few items you can add include a picture frame with a special photo, some fun artwork, a piece of art or a mirror.

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