5 Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel is a great project to start now, especially when some of us are working from home most of the time in this pandemic time. Apart from cost, the next big challenges in bathroom makeover is complexity – floor layout, cabinet repainting, furnishing change, stone slab counter top, wall tiles….  Today, I am going to share with you 5 simple follow along approaches you can use to remodel your bathroom like a Pro.

Bathroom Cabinet

There are a number of simple ways to change your bathroom cabinet without having to totally change your bathroom or kitchen. These simple tips and tricks will give your bathroom cabinet a new and more modern look, while keeping the integrity of the old cabinets.

Convert the existing tiles to wood: You can purchase pre-constructed, pre-cut solid wood vanity tile or use a self-adhesive vinyl tile, available at many home centers, to remodel your bathroom cabinet. One of the advantages of vinyl tiles is that they will never peel or wear away. One of the downsides to using a self-adhesive vinyl tile is that it will always be an area of concern in the home.

Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom is the place to get dressed and leave a ho-hum makeup routine behind. In someone’s bathroom, it’s where they discovered our potential too! You will wish to install a large wall mounted mirror to be able to see your entire image.

Check out the best bathroom mirror designs you may have seen in bars, TV shows and movies. These mirrors are ideal for a more thorough self-reflection. They’re a good starting point for starting a night of self-improvement, too.

Bathroom Shower

A modern bathroom is not complete without a modern-style shower idea. Regardless small or large bathroom, modern shower design is easy to make all the difference.

Whether you want to ensure there’s plenty of space for a thorough clean or simply want the experience of a jet-enforced misting to wash away the grime of the day, you’ll be impressed with what modern-style showers are capable of. There are tones of sleek and futuristic bathroom shower designs to choose from, you can definitely find one that fit for you.

Storage Racks / Storage Shelf

There is not a lots of space in a bathroom, so is very important to get a keep it organized and de-cluttered using smart storage shelf or racks. A bathroom storage shelf blend itself into any room.

What’s more, you can hang it on the wall or on the side of the shower or bathtub, and the deep drawers provide plenty of space for storing makeup brushes, floss, lotions, and other grooming supplies. It could very well be the key to keeping your bathroom stocked.

Bathroom Lighting

Pick a proper lighting fixture that has plenty of soft, warm light. The best lighting is warm and dimmer than bright. While warm lighting is preferred in most bathrooms, many consumers also prefer cool light sources.

Try out different light sources. For multi-purpose spaces like a master bedroom, the bathroom is the perfect spot to try out different lighting combinations. If the bathroom is already lighted, you’ll be able to see the area clearly. If you have a built-in vanity, consider replacing the existing mirror with one that can serve as both a mirror and an extra light source, like a pendant light.