5 Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

When I moved into my new home, I noticed that the bathroom was in desperate need of a makeover. It had the same old tile floor and ugly green fixtures from the 80s. While the only thing I had to do was to replace the cabinet, I knew that I wanted to do more to give this bathroom a fresh and modern look. Here are five simple ways that I remodeled my bathroom.

Use A Towel Bar And Robe Hook Combo.

At the time that I was living with my parents, I was lucky enough to have a full bathroom. It was large enough for all my stuff and I was able to give this bathroom the big makeover that I wanted. That is until one day when I had my first guest over.

She and my brother wanted to take a shower and they were actually somewhat upset that they had to go back to the master bath downstairs. They ended up putting on bathrobes and taking their showers down there.

This led me to realize how inconvenient it was for guests to go upstairs for a shower. So I wanted to bring the shower upstairs and add in a towel bar so that guests could stay warm on the heated tile floors while in the shower. I also wanted to add in a towel hook for the newly installed shower curtain rod.

Add A Decorative Cabinet

For my first piece of decorative furniture in the bathroom, I decided to purchase a console cabinet. This cabinet is perfect for storing bathroom essentials, like beauty products, soaps, and shower caddies.

Since I’m a hair stylist, I wanted to incorporate my latest accessories in the cabinet, so I added some cosmetic items for the counter.

The whole process took me about five minutes to complete and I’m so glad that I did!

Instead of adding a few new pieces to this bathroom, I decided to make a few changes to the existing bathroom furniture. By getting rid of the existing cabinet, I was able to add a few more light fixtures to the bathroom.

For this project, I turned to Wayfair, as it has a wide range of lighting options that I wanted to incorporate.

Choose A New Shower Curtain

Everyone knows the first thing to do in the bathroom is to switch the shower curtain. A new shower curtain will make your bathroom look new. I recommend buying the one from SHOO! because they have a large selection of colors and you can pick your own colors.

While selecting the shower curtain, you should keep in mind the shape of the tub, so that you can decide which one best fits your bathroom.

I knew that I wanted to add two shower heads instead of one. In order to maximize my space, I decided to use two separate cabinets with doors to create two separate showers.

Add A New Tile Design

I chose to go with a modern slate tile floor with a white grout to bring in light and a pop of color. As for the wall tiles, I wanted to keep the white look, but still wanted a little more color in the bathroom. I went with a light gray quartz with just a touch of pink color.

Mix Up The Colors — The vanity counter top is white, but the wall tiles I selected are a medium gray. I went with an extremely light color for the counter top to add some contrast, while still keeping the grout of the white tile.

In the shower, I chose a light gray grout in order to help it stand out.

Bathroom Painting

One thing that I had to get rid of was the fluorescent green paint that was plastered on the walls. While I hated that color, I couldn’t find an affordable solution to mask it, so I went ahead and painted it.

Paint the Flooring — I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to remodel this bathroom, so I chose to use the same tile flooring that was in the rest of my house, which was a nice touch.

Paint The Lockset  — Since I plan on selling this house in the next couple of years, I painted the lockset white so that it would match the rest of the house.

Paint the Ceiling — It took me a while to decide which color to paint the walls. I decided to use a gray color, since the bathroom was quite small and I wanted to avoid adding a lot of white.

Bathroom Mirror

Frame the Mirror. I bought a 9 inch mirror from JOYSTICKS. The mirror has an awesome frame. The frame was very simple to install, and I recommend adding a large picture to complement it.

My wife and I have a unique one bathroom and bathroom closet in our house. It has always looked very strange to me because we never could find a use for it, but now I have decided to remedy this and I love how it looks!

I used a mirror for a guide and purchased a set of vanity lighting from The Container Store. I had purchased a similar vanity light last year but wanted to update it a bit. The new vanity light fit nicely in the niche so I replaced it with a new mirror to give the entire space a more modern look.

I also added some new wall sconces and put some touches of white paint on the old vanity. Overall, I love the transformation!

Install Storage Racks

For those days when you need a little extra space, or to keep various items like extra linens, towels and other bathroom items, storage racks are ideal. That’s why I added two tall ones, each with a sliding glass door. Not only do they serve as a great place to store towels and linens, but they also look great and provide extra storage space.

This bathroom was originally the one-bathroom guest bathroom, but I had to create another bathroom in the basement to accommodate my daughter. The original master bathroom had a huge closet and a smallish bathroom.

The basement bathroom was not really big enough for both her and me, but having the extra space for my daughter made it easier to get ready for work in the morning.


So you can see that these are 5 simple ways that you can update your bathroom for a modern touch. What about you, have you done anything similar? Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Feel free to write in to us.

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