Bathroom Floor Remodel – Different Styles and Material

Your bathroom needs a change with the seasons, but you don’t have to get stressed. We pick the top ideas and show you some models to inspire you. Bathroom floor are sometimes overlooked or intentionally ignored in bathroom makeover, some may even choose to hide them using rug to save some money. Continue reading to learn how to choose the right bathroom flooring for your bathroom.

Flooring Options

What do you want your bathroom to look like? Do you want a solid surface? Do you want a wood floor? Will you use wall tiling or ceramic?

There are plenty of materials available on the market – laminates, ceramic tiles and natural stone. To give you inspiration we’ve picked our favorite bathroom flooring ideas and models, plus information on what each material costs and how to select it.

Mirror and Floor Tiles

Hard wearing, practical and watertight, tiles are an ideal material for any bathroom design and, just as importantly, they’re incredibly versatile and can be added to or changed to suit your needs and taste.

Mirror and floor tile schemes can work well in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Whether you want a classic all-white scheme or something a bit more colorful, a bright design provides a good focal point and makes the space feel larger.

With a curved mirrored basin unit and floating-style wall tiles that draw the eye around the room, the look is taken to the next level. Use mirror tiles, or large mirrors hung low on the wall, to create focal points and to make sure your bathroom always looks a treat. The curved wall tile, will help to balance the large wall mirror with a display of smaller wall tiles.

Mosaic Floor Tiles

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mosaic floor tiles. Not only is this bathroom lovely to look at, the impressive installation of mosaic tiles creates a sleek and modern style statement. Choose a vibrant color scheme to brighten up your bathroom, or add a deep, dark backdrop for a darker mood.

This bathroom floor design would be easy to make your own – simply buy a mould or print the tiles in your desired pattern and use adhesive to stick them together. We’ve put together a selection of the best mosaic bathroom designs, from a modern teal and grey scheme, to an Old World inspired decor. Get creative and be inspired!

Natural Stone

Natural stone bathroom floors are both beautiful and easy to care for, as you can buy pre-finished tiles and they’re eco-friendly. They’ll look great in most bathrooms, but a rustic feel is key to them being happy in a bright scheme.

Don’t have the budget to do the whole bathroom in stone? There are a range of alternatives that are equally stylish. Tile or porcelain floor tiles in a striking accent colour bring modern style to any bathroom. They don’t have to be part of the main scheme, so will look great in a recess in the wall or as a backdrop for a powerful mirror.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are perhaps the most widely used type of flooring alternative with the bathroom’s floor options. These tiles are seen as one of the optimum bases as they are resilient and not particularly costly. You can change these tiles easily without a great deal of hassle.

Installing ceramic tile flooring in a home requires only a few things and only a few tools – a grout auger, some grout, a trowel and a brush. Once you’ve created a pattern, it’s just a matter of filling the areas with grout, placing the tile, and repeating the process until the entire floor is covered. In other words, the whole job should take less than a couple of hours to complete.