Bathroom Interior Design Ideas: Modern, Classic, And Transitional

You’ve got a lot to think about when it comes to designing your bathroom: the sink, toilet, shower, and tub, which all have to work together to create a space that feels comfortable, clean, and calm. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are three different styles for bathroom design to help you figure out which one best suits your needs, and to give you some design inspiration: Modern, Classic, and Transitional.

Bathroom Design Styles

Bathroom is the most popular and least expensive room in the home, it’s quick and relatively easy to design. Most buyers are looking for one-bedroom condos in trendy cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

Luckily, any style you choose is pretty minimalistic, and very streamlined. While the bathroom is your personal space, you don’t want to have too much over-the-top décor to make it feel like a cluttered space.

Clean lines, black or white subway tile, tiled counters, and white subway tile surround the sink area. For the rest of the space, an accent wall of a solid-colored brick or stone, which can be either textured or smooth finishes, will add some spice.

Bathroom Design Ideas – Modern

Modern bathrooms are a good starting point for bathroom design ideas. Traditional designs are known to be relaxing, and they seem perfect for doing little but taking a bath and sleeping. But modern bathrooms take the bath and sleep a step further–they aren’t just about relaxation.

They’re designed to inspire creativity, and an especially modern bathroom will be a multipurpose design. A Modern bathroom usually contains elements that range from a sleek bench to a classic curvy vanity, accented with high-gloss, geometric mirrors. It will make you think of work, play, and style.

It’s hard to go wrong when it comes to modern bathroom design. The best of the best, from sinks to walls to the tub and shower, have these elegant lines, bold colors, and cool textures that make a statement.

Bathroom Design Ideas – Classic

There’s a reason people love their traditional bathrooms: they’re practical and classy.

If you’re looking for a traditional look, you’re bound to find inspiration in The Provence, where you can use stoneware tubs and Shaker style vanities, in settings of cottages, or log cabins.

As a more traditional bathroom style, you might decide to go with an antique-looking vanity, and your bathroom looks like a room out of a James Bond movie. For an old-fashioned, vintage look, you can go with a traditional vanity and sink.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, try out some options from Restoration Hardware. Another old-fashioned type of bathtub is a clawfoot tub, which can add character to your bathroom and look especially nice in a home with wooden floors.

It’s also a great option if you don’t want to worry about a wall mirror or overhead lights, because of its cabinet-like look. This style is somewhere in between a classic and vintage style.

Bathroom Design Ideas – Transitional

If you’re looking to bring a bit of something different into your bathroom, then your search is over: there are no rules when it comes to transitional bathroom design.

With cool shades of green, flat white walls, and bold pops of color in the bathtubs, you’re sure to be entertained.

This look is right in line with your basic thought process of how to upgrade your bathroom without pulling out your hair. It’s definitely one of the most transitional bathroom styles for a reason: everything works well together, and feels simple and clean.

You could spend hours browsing home goods stores looking for the perfect piece of art to decorate your space or yet another perfect fixture to hang on the wall. Transitional bathroom design is just the type of design that feels effortless.


If you’re still stuck, take inspiration from these bold, decorative, and inspiring bathroom designs to find your perfect bathroom.

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