Bathroom Interior Design Ideas: Modern, Classic, And Transitional

Bathroom is one of the most important and private room in our home, it is important to create a clean, spacious and practical bathroom. There are so many style and designs that are available for you to choose for your bathroom renovation. A bathroom should be bright, spacious, attractive and if you can spend some extra bucks on the quality and design of the master bathroom, you can get it the way you like.

In our bathrooms we need both style and functionality. Why compromise on the first when we can achieve the second with minimal effort, money and materials? In this article, we will give three major recommendation that you can consider apply in your bathroom makeover journey.

The Modern Bathroom

Many modern bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling mirrors, contemporary wall art, and even oversized showers and tubs. A modern bathroom can have sinks that are large enough for a family of five, to a space that is easy to clean with surfaces that are ceramic or stainless steel. Forget the old-fashioned fixtures and fittings.

If you are giving your bathroom a makeover in your budget, it is advised that you install a large mirror in the room to give it a modern look. If you have modern and contemporary bathroom or a shower room, you can choose the style of black and white. It brings out clean lines and luxurious feel.

On the other hand, you can find Victorian brass bathroom accessories to add character to the bathroom. You can use it in addition to the sinks, tub and vanity cabinets. The look will become even more enhanced with the use of all the accessories in the room.

The Classic Bathroom

Design your bathroom makeover with beautiful designs that is timeless beauty and stunningly modern. Refinements to a classic design can add instant distinction to a bathroom. A few small but attractive design tweaks – particularly where materials are concerned – can transform what was once a ‘basic’ space into a distinctive, elegant and stylish space.

We feel this bathroom could do with a little more light. A large shower over a central board-and-batten shower unit would bring the light inside, whereas having an overhead window and fixed single or double shower unit, so that you can choose whether to use the window or the shower, would be ideal. A flat finish of paint in grey or blue (or even white) with the corresponding wooden features might be a good option.

If you prefer a more monochrome look, a modern interpretation of a classic wall-hung shower unit, would be a good alternative. Alternatively, incorporate a shower screen – not just to shield the view, but also to prevent any spray or debris from splashing the wall.

The Transitional: A Little Bit of Both

A modern classic bathroom combines pristine, modern design with history. A testament to modern and timeless architecture.

To have a contemporary and modern feel to the space, while retaining the space’s traditional features and tasteful finishes; the design of the bathroom can be elevated in many ways by the use of exotic woods, polished mirrors and gold-framed prints. A spacious shape allows for a continuous flow of space, which enables the owner to find privacy when she or he desires.

Add vanity that features an exclusive ivory marble island, the wide-plank handcrafted reclaimed oak floors add to the natural materials of the space, and exposed brick walls complete the rustic feel.