Bathroom Paint Colors Ideas for Bathroom Decor

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel new is by updating the paint color on the walls. Painting a room is a project that most people typically dislike, but rest assured that there are tricks to make the process easier and faster. Here are some of the best bathroom paint colors to choose from (including some that are coming into style) and how to make that decision so that painting the bathroom is a breeze.

Bathroom Paint Colors

While selecting a paint color can be difficult, there are some things you can do to make the process easier. Start by choosing the right paint color.

Most paint companies have a paint selection chart that lets you know which shades will match your chosen ceiling color. For the most part, a lighter hue will match your bathroom’s walls, while a darker hue will typically match your ceiling.

Colors with medium values are also the best choices for bathroom walls. The website Avvo offers a color wheel that can help you find the perfect shade for your bathroom’s décor, so make sure to take a look. Shades of gray are also a good way to brighten up your space without disrupting the overall balance of the room.

Choose The Right Paint Color

Before you go painting, you should decide the purpose of your bathroom. For example, are you wanting to update the bathroom to match your kitchen or put it in a new color scheme? Another good thing to consider is whether you’re going to repaint or add a new coat.

Some people just want a fresh coat of paint and don’t really want to spend too much time in the bathroom. While you can always add a layer of paint, an entire room makeover might be overkill.

When you decide on the purpose of the bathroom, there are a few important things to consider before choosing the bathroom paint color. White is the universal color for bathrooms. So if you want a light bathroom with white trim, walls, and floors, then a white bathroom paint color should be your best choice.

How To Paint

First, you need to decide on a paint color that you would like to use in your bathroom, but it is best to do this prior to actually painting the walls. No matter what color your bathroom is, you need to have enough paint to work with.

It is easy to pick a color out of a swatch book, but remember that the bathroom will be the first thing anyone sees when they walk into your home, so you will want to make sure that your paint color matches the rest of your home.

This is why it is best to consider a color that is one to three shades darker than the rest of your home. Now that you have decided on your color, you can move forward and choose a paint color that will compliment your existing bathroom fixtures.

Trends To Watch Out For

These are some of the popular bathroom paint colors and what’s trending in those paint colors for 2012. 1. Sea Salt 2. Soft Grey 3. Cobalt Blue 4. Bright White 5. Woodsy Orange 6. Lavender 7. Pastel Pink 8. Caribbean Blue 9. Pumpkin-Orange 10. Fuchsia 11. Yellow 12. White 13. Merlot 14. Navy Blue 15. Sand 16. Grey Pastel 17. White 18. Coral Pink 19. Amber-Crimson 20. Green Tea 21. Fuchsia 22. Fiery Red 23. Rustic Brown 24. Dark Grey 25. Coral White 26. Vibrant Orchid 27. Coloured Markers 28. Royal Blue 29. Pastel Gold 30. Crystal Blue 31. Burnt Orange 32. Shiny Ice 33. Deep Indigo 34. Ice Cream Popsicle …

Dominant Color

There are a few colors that take on a much bigger presence in any room than other colors. Things like these are usually referred to as “dominant colors” when it comes to paint choices. You will likely see these dominating in most rooms, including bathrooms, so knowing which one to go with can make the entire room feel brand new.

This deep purple-based color works with almost any room, making it a versatile option. It can easily make a bold statement, and be a dramatic choice in a bathroom. W

hen you’re looking at a shade of dark purple, this particular color is an excellent choice. In fact, dominant color has a lot of other great choices for dark purple. Navy The great thing about navy is that it is one of the least contrasting colors in the color wheel.


Overall, there are a number of great bathroom paint colors on the market these days, ranging from bright blue to a more muted blue. As we know, the colors that seem bright when you see them in magazines often don’t look so vibrant in the home.

That said, it is important to consider the shade that best matches the finish of the bathroom when choosing the right paint color for the bathroom. For the best bathroom paint colors, consult the detailed pictorials that you can find here. Once you’ve done that, simply paint your bathroom and make sure you enjoy the new look and feel that comes with it.

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