Bathroom Storage Solutions That Make The Most of Limited Space

Forget about trying to squeeze your whole bathroom into your existing cupboard, the right storage ideas will make the most of limited space. Having the right storage and design system will help maximize space and help you keep everything organized.

Many of these solutions can be easily transformed into other rooms in your home or other places in your home as and when you need them.

Space Management

For a functional bathroom design, try adding a vanity unit and matching storage cupboard to the space left by the sink. Ideal for small bathroom space, these solutions can hide a vanity unit and offer you extra storage space for toiletries.

Toiletry cabinets in which you can hide essentials or squeeze in a basket of extra towels are really useful for making the bathroom look tidier.

Where a cupboard can take up a lot of wall space in a modern bathroom, a wall mounted light or a mirror will create a great focal point.

Color It Right

Color is the most effective way to brighten a bathroom and its limited space. Line your vanity unit in white or color to match the walls and create a modern, sleek look. If your vanity unit is bright in color, keep it simple with simple wooden trays, making it perfect for simple toiletries and products.

For a streamlined look, ensure that your tiles and wall color match in the most important places. If your bathroom is all white, make sure your vanity unit, flooring and fittings are white, and vice versa for those with darker floors and wall colors.

Bright Lighting

Lighting is a key design element in every bathroom. This might mean adding a chandelier above your vanity – or one above the bed, which will flood the bathroom with light. As a base, work from the floor up.

You don’t want a tub up against a wall. And the most striking bathrooms will benefit from good natural light – even if you don’t have windows. So consider giving any shelving units height. One of the best places to put a vanity is a corner, where the shelf or sink unit can be lined with a short balustrade.

Keep items off the floor

Never underestimate the power of a storage system for keeping things off the floor. Cinch bags and baskets can be used to hold the clutter that inevitably mounts up. Use them in front of a vanity unit for your cosmetics and toiletries.