Bathroom Storage Solutions That Make The Most of Limited Space

I’m a woman with a lot of makeup. I also have a lot of hair products and tools and nail polish and face masks and a lot of other stuff. And I live in a small apartment with a tiny bathroom. So I’ve had to become a bathroom storage master, and I’ve discovered a number of ingenious little hacks for making the most of limited space.

I’m sharing them with you, in case you have a small bathroom or you’re just trying to be more efficient with what you have.

Striped Storage Containers

Because there’s only so much shelf space in a small bathroom, and because there are so many little bottles and containers, I’ve found that I need to be more organized with the products I have.

I’ve become pretty good at using glass vases or striped jars to store some of the products I don’t use every day. It saves a lot of space, and I’m able to keep these things right by the sink, so I can grab them quickly.

Yogurt containers are great for keeping small-sized products in the bathroom without taking up much room. Yogurt containers are fairly large and sturdy and they have some height, so it’s easier to get the product out without having to bend over so far. My reusable shopping bags are great, but you know what’s even better? Ziplock bags.

Utilize Space Under The Sink

Duct tape is a great product because it allows you to “paint” items on top of the counter that would otherwise be permanently attached to the wall, making them more easily accessible. I taped a pair of scissors and nail file down under the sink, and I just grab them with one hand. There are tons of other great uses for duct tape on Amazon.

I have a ton of little tiny jars that I keep in the bathroom and filled with things that I use often. I use one to hold a facial cleanser, another to hold lotion, one for moisturizer, and another for face masks. The last two are just holding in store some hand soap and shower gel for now. The idea behind this is that you can find a way to make your storage options work for you.

Use The Back Of The Door

Seriously. This is one of my favorite solutions. When you’re standing at the sink and you’re just prepping for work, and you’re covered in makeup, maybe you need a second to brush your hair?

Well, take the same seat, or at least a seat closer to the door, and plug in your blowdryer so that when you step out of the shower you’re fully dried. Because you may not want to blowdry your hair when it’s still wet, especially if you’re doing an over-the-shoulder blowout or straightening a damp style.

Pull Out Drawer

This is a simple system for saving space in your small bathroom. It’s an old-school medicine cabinet with a pull-out drawer that holds the things you can’t live without — your razors, shampoo, facial cleanser, loofah, exfoliator, cleansing wipes, etc. — and hooks you to the medicine cabinet for organization. It holds up to 17 items.

A great cleaning and organizing tool, this cleaning tool has a bucket with replaceable cleaner, rags, and small brushes and sponges, along with an enclosed compartment to hold small items. Save the small, individual bottles of lotions and potions you buy at the drugstore to use when you don’t want to take the whole bottle everywhere you go.

I use pull out drawers to store linens and other things that I don’t want taking up space in my cabinets.

You’ll look much better in a sports bra than you would with just a slip. More storage hacks that will make you more efficient.


I use these hooks for hanging my goblets, bath oils, soaps, combs, etc. Also, they make great holders for clean towels and bathrobes. Dishrack I don’t have a dishwasher, so all my dishes and utensils are dirty every day and I need them to be close at hand.

Stackable Rack — This is great for storing herbs and spices and other small things that can get lost in a cabinet.

Space Management

For a functional bathroom design, try adding a vanity unit and matching storage cupboard to the space left by the sink. Ideal for small bathroom space, these solutions can hide a vanity unit and offer you extra storage space for toiletries.

Toiletry cabinets in which you can hide essentials or squeeze in a basket of extra towels are really useful for making the bathroom look tidier.

Where a cupboard can take up a lot of wall space in a modern bathroom, a wall mounted light or a mirror will create a great focal point.

Color It Right

Color is the most effective way to brighten a bathroom and its limited space. Line your vanity unit in white or color to match the walls and create a modern, sleek look. If your vanity unit is bright in color, keep it simple with simple wooden trays, making it perfect for simple toiletries and products.

For a streamlined look, ensure that your tiles and wall color match in the most important places. If your bathroom is all white, make sure your vanity unit, flooring and fittings are white, and vice versa for those with darker floors and wall colors.

Bright Lighting

Lighting is a key design element in every bathroom. This might mean adding a chandelier above your vanity – or one above the bed, which will flood the bathroom with light. As a base, work from the floor up.

You don’t want a tub up against a wall. And the most striking bathrooms will benefit from good natural light – even if you don’t have windows. So consider giving any shelving units height. One of the best places to put a vanity is a corner, where the shelf or sink unit can be lined with a short balustrade.

Keep items off the floor

Never underestimate the power of a storage system for keeping things off the floor. Cinch bags and baskets can be used to hold the clutter that inevitably mounts up. Use them in front of a vanity unit for your cosmetics and toiletries.

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