Breathtaking Attic Bathroom Ideas

The concept of moving bathrooms into the attic is not as new as you may think. Nor is it as crazy as you may imagine. However, designing an attic bathroom can be much more challenging than normal due to it’s limited space and odd layout. In this article, we will share few designer tips you can use to transform your attic into a cozy and stylist bathroom.

Bathroom Storage

What’s the best type of attic bathroom storage? The type of storage that will be the best for your bathroom can vary based on a number of factors, including the amount of storage space you’re looking to add, the house’s orientation, the distance of the plumbing and electrical services and how the room will be used. To best plan your attic bathroom storage installation, you should always take these things into consideration before moving forward with your project.

An attic bathroom storage installation that has sliding cabinets and drawers that open to reveal shelves can be your best bet for getting the most bang for your buck. If you have little storage space for extra towels and toiletries in your attic, sliding cabinets and drawers will be a great fit. These storage solutions can be easily rolled up and hidden away in a closet or closet set behind a wall once you move them into your attic, and are suitable for storing items you’re planning to rotate frequently in your attic bathroom.

Natural Lighting

What could be more deserving of a visit than staring up at that heavenly light? I remember a white-marble tile dome light of the type that casts shadows on the floor when you gaze up through its hexagonal holes. Adding windows and skylights that bring in natural light can make the attic bathroom a cool and relaxing spa retreat heaven.

Bathroom light fixtures now can be as diminutive as two inches tall, cast almost entirely in tinted glass, to supply a shimmering ceiling light that provides a special design touch in a bathroom.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

The tile backsplash is a cost-effective and highly practical way to add a splash of colour and texture to your scheme. Whether your back splash is in the form of a standard glazed ceramic tile or a stunning patterned work of art, there are some brilliant ways to combine back splash tiles with one another, as well as with other bathroom accessories to create something truly eye-catching.

If you can’t manage to keep warm in the winter, install low-energy tiles such as Leco Porcelain tiles, which keep heat in the room even in the coldest months. They will give a smooth, soft finish to the tiles and make them weather resistant, ensuring they’re suitable for use on any type of flooring in your bathroom.