Brilliant Insights In Building Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

Ever since I read Marie Kondo’s book, I’ve been on a mission to tidy up and get rid of things that no longer serve me. It’s easy to get bogged down in the “I have too much stuff” mindset, but it’s also important to remember that not all stuff is equal.

How To Design Your Perfect Minimalist Bathroom

There are two main parts to a bathroom:

The look and feel of the bathroom — This is the part you set. This includes installing a vanity or sink and the cabinets. The materials, paint, and the trim can vary, but are usually installed in a neutral color.

The actual fixtures — This includes shower, tub, sink, toilet, mirror, and light fixture. Most homeowners just replace these items because they need a new one. If you only want to remove the cabinet doors and the towel racks, you don’t need to replace all the fixtures in the bathroom.

You can leave the vanity and the toilet (which you can leave in the bathroom or replace with a new one) and just install a new sink. If you have a matching vanity, you can keep it.

Decluttering Your Bathroom

One of the first things you can do to create the minimalist bathroom of your dreams is to declutter. Once you have eliminated all items that do not make a functional difference in your bathroom, you can set about designing it with more efficiency in mind.

Everything in your bathroom can be replaced with newer or less expensive ones to cut your costs and streamline your budget.

Bathroom organizers have been around for many years. They are usually made of glass and could be an inexpensive way to create a minimalist bathroom. Consider choosing one with an upper drawer for additional storage or one with a solid surface that can hold baskets and storage space underneath.

Double Your Space

When trying to achieve a minimalist bathroom, it’s best to keep your budget in mind. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have great quality furniture if you are able to stick to the cheaper options. It can simply mean that you need to maximize space.

A common design technique to achieve this is to convert one large piece of furniture into two smaller pieces. For example, a small chest of drawers can double as a sink for your toilet while you can place a cabinet underneath the sink to make extra space for your other necessities like cleaning products and other hygiene products. Allowing your bathroom to be more spacious will give you the opportunity to create more storage space.

Use Focal Point

Bathrooms are often difficult to design because of the many pieces of faucets, lighting fixtures and bath fixtures. The bathroom is not complete without all these items, but focusing on only one or two items to focus your attention on the most important is the best way to design a minimal bathroom.

Every bathroom has bathroom faucets and sinks. There are various ways to utilize each and every item, but the most common ways include faucets. Creating a modern minimal bathroom requires the faucets to be one of the focal points in the bathroom.

For example, make sure that the sink, faucet and towel rail have unique and striking designs. The attention to detail, including the design of the pipe connections to the sink, is vital to creating a minimal bathroom.

Simple Decorating Ideas

You want to avoid boring decorating choices like plaid bathroom vanities. Instead, try space-saving wood. Try some high-back splash benches. Include a few, inexpensive textured rugs to add some color and texture.

Don’t forget to incorporate pendant lights to create a soft lighting vibe. Similarly, you want to avoid bulky, dark, and crowded bathrooms.

Do you really need to clutter a vanity with lots of storage options? Look for a vanity with two drawers. One of the drawers is for your toiletries. Save the other drawer for the essentials, like soap and lotion. If you have a kitchen with dark, high-top cabinetry, make sure your bathroom has a light and bright feel. Dividing your kitchen space into two areas can help you do that.

Update Your Bathroom With A Sleek And Minimalistic Look

If you’re thinking about getting rid of the regular vanity in favor of a pedestal sink, that may be a great first step. It will take your bathroom from a traditional bathroom with many styles of mirrors, rugs, and décor to one that is sleek and modern.

You can even get rid of the sink completely by purchasing a bidet and doing away with sinks altogether. That gives you a massive space for other accessories that work with your minimalist look.

While having a smaller space for your tub, you can use a undermount sink to create the illusion that your tub is even larger by installing a long, deep, and narrow cabinet that sits directly on top of your countertop. Installing a pedestal sink on top of your countertop will add height and keep your legs from getting cramped under the counter.

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