Brilliant Insights In Building Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

It’s no secret that minimal, elegant bathrooms are having a moment right now. And the newest and greatest minimalist bathroom looks are having something of a British spin to them. The fittings, the loo décor, and the fixtures have all been given a delicate-cool makeover, and we love them for it! From ultra-minimalistic floor tiles, to subtle wall patterns, and statement lighting, these bathrooms are absolutely stunning, and perfect for a chic bathroom! Check out our minimalist bathroom design ideas below, and tell us what you think.

Minimalist Vanity

One of the key elements to a minimalist bathroom is blending the vanity with the surrounding space. This means that when selecting the design for your vanity you need to think about what the purpose of the vanity is.

Are you going to store all of your makeup products on the counter or behind it? Are you going to store all your bath accessories inside or out of the way on the vanity? Then you need to ensure your vanity has a good depth, plenty of cabinet space and storage underneath for cleaning supplies, tools and other essentials.

Some options worth considering include Ayaki cabinets, which have many build options and come in a range of designs, and models are available from £175 to £310 for a three-drawer version. Alternatively, opt for a full-height installation from the likes of Bathroom Solutions, which range from £390 to £595 and can be easily removed when you’re not using it.

Looking for a more modern touch? The design duo at Accent Living have done a beautiful job with a bespoke design. This one has brushed brass detailing, which looks beautiful, and integrated lighting, which is also a must-have for a well-designed bathroom.

Minimalist Wall Decorations

In a modern bathroom, walls can be decorated easily. So if you don’t like the current layout and want to create a more open space, consider turning a wall of the closet into a display cabinet. You can put decorative accessories, like potted plants and framed photos, behind the doors, which will make the space feel bigger.

You could also consider replacing the doors with mirrored doors, which will allow light to stream in when the cabinet is open. With your changes, you’ll make your bathroom feel new and uncluttered.

Just be sure to put in a deep wall sink to make the wall space that much more functional and the cabinet flush with the wall. You can always remove the glass when you need to wash your hands or wash your face, but otherwise, the shelf will always serve as a gorgeous home for beauty products.