Colorful and Fun Kids Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Plan on designing a bathroom for your kiddo? If your child was in elementary school and now in middle school, you know he or she can be fussy about his or her bathroom appearance. Decorating kids bathroom can be fun, all it takes is a little creativity and a few tips. If you follow these simple tips, your kids bathroom will be a fun and beautiful place for your family to visit.

Fun Themed

A fun theme with kid-friendly paint colors can make the bathroom extra appealing for kids. Take a lighter shade for the shower curtain. Add bright accents to the room, such as neon or metallic wallpaper. Kids might be more likely to put their hand in the shower or be willing to try a “spooky” bath once they see how colorful and fun the bathroom is.

Consider using personalized decors to put a little pop in the room, especially in the tub. Consider hanging one of those blow-up kid-sized plastic fish in a place of prominence, or adding a piece of bathroom furniture that looks like a chair for a child’s bath. Create an artsy craft with colorful paint and decoupage to customize the bathroom space.

Background Color

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, let you kids take part in the bathroom decoration. My kids like everything to be purple or pink, whatever floats their boat. Let them have the final say on what they like and put their favorite colors around the room.

Kids love backgrounds, so put backgrounds in their favorite colors. There are tons of fun backgrounds online. I printed these cute background pages from the Paintables website.


Have a conversation with your child about new decorating and what they would like to have in the bathroom.  Make it fun and allow them to make a wish list, make it a game! If you allow them to participate and make a wish list, they will feel like a real adult, making their own decisions.

Get a cupid’s bow, or any bow for that matter, and hang it on the wall, it’s a focal point. Do not be scared to stick to the color scheme you have chosen. When you have a creative, crazy child, a theme is very effective. Choose your favorite color or print, go to the store and buy a few bath towels, and hang them around the bathroom. A few simple, and easy changes in the bathroom can make a huge impact.