Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

Organizing your bathroom can be complicated. It takes a lot of steps and planning to get it done well. We’re here to help! Take a few minutes to read this article to learn the basics of organizing your bathroom and make sure you can get through it without trying to keep all of your bath accessories in one place.

What makes a good bathroom?

For many people, that’s the space that houses their toilet, bathtub, shower and mirror. But the type of bathroom you have depends on your lifestyle, space and aesthetic preferences.

How To Organize Your Bathroom

On the average side, we found that the majority of participants used a variety of organizing and storage methods. Two of the most common were filing cabinets and cupboards, which are great if you have an abundance of storage and little time. People also keep their toiletries in a grab-and-go “towel rack,” although we also learned about a “bathroom cabinet” that hangs under the mirror.

One of the reasons you see so many toiletry racks is that it’s extremely convenient. It may require more energy and money up front, but it’s worth it.

Other common bathroom organizing solutions are basket-style bins, rolling cart systems and bars that hold various items. For those who don’t have time to figure it all out, there are some good tools available. We recommend the Rubbermaid Laundry and Bath Organizer with a lip for doors and drawers and the Gaudi Container Shutter System for doors and drawers.

Less is More

There are a few things to consider when thinking about organization in a tiny bathroom, or just in general. How much stuff do you really need to get you through the day? How much stuff do you really use and need?

In our last bathroom, we were hanging onto a ton of accessories to our old bathroom that we really didn’t need. It was harder and harder to move things around in there as the children got older and started leaving stuff all over the place.

When you start with such a small space, the less you have, the easier it is to keep things neat and tidy. We kept things organized by categories, such as hair and make – up, health and beauty, clothing, etc. We were also constantly getting the huge container of lotions, deodorants, and other toiletries that live on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet.

The Drawer

I love the drawer because it holds everything in its place, but I just don’t put things back. So, if you’re looking to organize your bathroom or toiletry items, put everything in the drawer. It’ll be out of sight, so it won’t be tempted to get in there and then stay there.

The drawer is also a good place to stash some of your makeup and other items that don’t need to be out in the open. Put everything from your toothpaste to your conditioner in the drawer.