Cute Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Christmas

If you’re looking to do something a little different this Christmas, the bathroom is a great place to start with. I’ve been decorating my bathroom lately, and I have got some ideas I want to share. I love decorating for Christmas, because it gives you a reason to clean and paint and get all spiffed up and go all out! I don’t know if you’re like me and that you feel the spirit of Christmas and want to spread it all around, but I love it!


The bathroom is one of the few spaces that can be decorated quickly and easily, and the effect is excellent, especially if you use high gloss white enamel paint. Use white, marble and natural finishes as a perfect backdrop for pretty Christmas decorations and add an unexpected touch of fun with some fun socks and novelty bath bombs. Not only are these luxuries the perfect stocking fillers, they will make you and your children the talk of the party.


If you don’t feel confident of decorating the bathroom, look out for ready-made ornaments in your local DIY store. They will be the same in every store, with the same shapes and colors, which can save you the time of choosing and unpicking from scratch. To keep your bathroom looking a little more Christmassy, choose a mantel and hang up some stars from it.


Arrange your lights to shine through glass windows, sink and shower. For an amazing effect, it would be better to coordinate the colors with the light. If you don’t have the space for any additional light in your bathroom, then get some shower curtain lights from Amazon or Walmart. Simply hook the cords through the curtain rings and dangle the lights!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorations are simple to make and provide a great feature for the room. Add a star at the top to make it look like the star atop a Christmas tree, and you’re ready to go. As a romantic touch, decorate your bathroom using baubles and hanging them on your shower curtain. It’s a very quick way of making it feel a little more cozy and Christmas-y!

Christmas Towel and Curtains

From cute festive-printed towels to simple mugs, you can add a festive element to your bathroom using Decorated Bathroom Christmas towel, towel rail and mug accessories. Pick out your favorite fabric for your Decorated Bathroom Christmas shower curtain, and add a little sparkle with matching stars.

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