Decorating and Remodel Tips for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of those rooms which are easily overlooked. But they are a great place to make a big impact, and to add warmth and personality to your home.

Bathrooms are often small, confined spaces. It may seem impossible to make them feel bigger. But with some creativity and a little effort, you can turn a small bathroom into a space you love spending time in.

Here are 5 tips for decorating and remodeling the bathroom into a space you love.

The Right Layout

The layout of your bathroom is important. You should have separate sinks, bathtubs, and shower enclosures. If you have a small bathroom, you might be tempted to try out multi-function showers, instead of separate baths.

If you need both a bathtub and shower, you can create the perfect flow of water.

In a large bathroom, it might be best to keep everything separate. It makes the room seem more spacious. But if you have the space, you can try combining the two together.

Space-maximizing Color Palette

An important part of making a small space feel bigger is to maximize the available space. Although large spaces are filled with furniture, lights, mirrors, and other accoutrements, even bathrooms can benefit from a little creativity.

Choose a color palette that is as clean and simple as possible. Choose only a few colors that will be complimented well together and go for bright, fresh colors to bring life and energy into your bathroom.

Choose Clean, Functional Fabrics Fabrics like tassels and organza are great for adding charm, but they’re not exactly functional. Opt for softer, more functional fabrics that will make your bathroom feel bigger without feeling heavy.

The grey color of the bathroom can sometimes feel a little bland. But it can really add warmth and charm to your space. Try using shades of grey as accents in the bathroom. It will help create a sleek and modern look, while adding warmth and character to the room.

Add Lighting

Lighting is a big deal when it comes to design. A home with too few or dark lighting fixtures will look too clinical. A bathroom with too much or bright lighting can look too clinical and sterile.

Lighting is key to keeping your bathroom feeling bright and open. You should avoid bright white walls, as this can make the room feel small and confined. You can place candles on either side of the bathtub or just near it. Candles are a good solution for small bathrooms, as they fill the space with light.

Spend some time thinking about how you would like to light up your bathroom and how it could be lit. Lighting is going to impact the way you feel about the space.

Use natural light as much as you can. But don’t forget about lightbulbs as an option. Having lighting on a dimmer switch is a really easy way to adjust the lights. Changing to lights with white shades can make a big difference. Consider larger lamps, too. And if you are installing them, try to use fixtures that match the look of the room.

Install A Mirror

Mirrors are an inexpensive addition to a bathroom. They brighten up the space, and make everything seem a little more complete. A cheap version of a full sized mirror will do.

Many stores sell mirrors that are already framed. To save money, you can also get an inexpensive single mirror and place it in a niche area. Place it on a shelf, or even hang it above the sink.

Make a full space feel smaller with an accent wall. You can do this with simple, inexpensive pillows. Placing a row of small, colorful pillows over a full sized wall will give your bathroom a large feeling. It will also give it the feeling of being an outdoor space. The pillows are an inexpensive way to refresh the bathroom without breaking the bank.

Add Plants

Plants add a wonderful rustic and natural feel to any room. Try using them in the bathroom in places such as bathroom faucets, or even on the walls. They add a warm natural element to the space, which is a great reminder of the outdoors.

Having a few plants around the bathroom make it look more inviting. They help you relax and calm down after a stressful day.

Accessorizing can really add character to a space. Take the opportunity to add some interesting accessories to your bathroom.


Bathrooms can be messy places, and especially for women, they can be intimidating and filled with unwelcoming décor. If you want to decorate your bathroom to make it feel more homey and welcoming, you need to tackle these ideas one by one.

Before you start to work on the big project of remodeling your bathroom, spend some time thinking about what works and what doesn’t. These 5 tips for decorating and remodeling the bathroom will help you to create a safe, inviting space that will be a great place for you to spend time.

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