Design Options For Small Bathroom Designs

Many people have the perception that not much remodel designs can be made on a small bathroom – not true! By adding a bathtub and marble counter alone, you can transform it into a lovely and serene space that you would want to spend more time everyday. Continue reading to find out how you can turn your tiny bathroom to looks spacious and classy.

Practical Layout

The bathroom layout determines where every single one of the facilities have to be, and makes the best use of the space. Considerable planning should go into the layout of the bathroom, to make sure that the toilet, the sink, the mirror and the bathtub are all located in the most convenient place for the user.

However, it should be stressed that the width and the length of the shower must be sufficient so as to accommodate the entire human body. It is important that the bathroom must be sized according to the number of individuals that will be using it.

Minimalist Style

Simple and clean design style is best fit for small bathroom, it focus on space utilization and practicality.

If there’s a budget, you could opt for a minimalist tiled shower surround, which will enhance the user experience. In short, the overall design should be functional, which will save you the frustration of having to turn your back on the rest of the bathroom while showering.

Space Organization

When remodeling small bathroom, pay attention to storage space and organization because it will have huge impact to overall design. Consider a few ways you can maximize your space in a small bathroom.

Adding a small cabinet to your bathroom or shower room is a great way to maximize on the space. You can store items that you do not use very often or items you need quick access to.

Place the cabinet near a window or door to allow natural light to come into the room. Choose cabinet designs that have a storage function. It is also a good idea to add mirror near the cabinet to provide natural light and to give you a glimpse of the space behind the cabinet.

Vanity and Waste Water Pipes

Choosing the right vanity and cabinets is the key to every bathroom design because they help you in giving a wonderful look to the bathroom space. A smaller vanity unit with a little less storage space is a better choice.

You may want a large vanity unit that you can connect to your waste water pipes. However, you will need to consider that the waste water pipes in a small bathroom may not be up to the task.

There are two possible solutions to this problem. If you want to install separate waste water pipes for the vanity, you could choose a narrower unit that has the waste water pipes below the vanity surface. Alternatively, you could choose a water conservation unit with the waste water pipes above the vanity surface.

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