Designer Tips for A Perfect Couple Bathroom Suite

Designing the ideal couple’s bathroom is not an easy task. Couples tend to have differing tastes when it comes to design, and will most likely have to compromise on many things. Be careful to keep an appropriate balance between the functional, the practical and the aesthetic.

Ideally, a design in this bathroom should be spacious, bright, and contain all the necessary amenities. Here are six ways to redecorate your master bathroom to create a space that’s the perfect centerpiece for your life together.

Design Together

Instead of planning the bathroom around a single function, bathroom designers approach their projects with the idea of planning a whole home. That’s why the most important thing to consider when designing a bathroom is, above all else, functionality. Think about what your relationship requires.

Make a note of their interests and look at your own taste against theirs. The biggest mistake people make is they start to live in their partner’s vision of the perfect bathroom, rather than their own. Don’t let that happen.

Adding Romance

Not every bathroom is going to have a gorgeous view of the ocean or mountains like the one you see on your favorite movie or television show, so to help give your bathroom a more dreamy vibe, add a few large sconces for overhead lighting. Candles will provide a romantic atmosphere that will help ease your and your partner into your private time in the bathroom.

Freshen Up

Choose the right wall color for the scheme. Allow your eye to settle on a specific color – we often assume that choosing the right hue means choosing the perfect shade, but that isn’t always the case. Don’t force the color on your mind by spraying swatches on your bathroom walls.

Let It Shine

If you’d like to make the entire bathroom feel more open, then consider installing a few smaller windows to allow for maximum natural light.

A beautiful bathroom is just the right size to show off the storage you’ve built. Spend some time finding a classic vanity. Choose a shiny finish if you’re going for a contemporary look. Add mirrors in the ceiling and on walls to let the light and color in.

Bathroom Mirror

To make sure you find the mirror that’s right for you, take your input and input from your significant other. You’ll want to find a mirror that fits the vibe of the entire bathroom, which means the mirror has to be big enough to hold all of your unique design elements.

You should also take note of the mirror’s position. Are you both going to use the mirror to have a good look at one another? If so, make sure the mirror will highlight your sweet bond while highlighting your beautiful home.

Vanity Organizers

Sometimes, it can be easy to think of your bathroom as being entirely devoted to your actual shower, so don’t forget that your bathroom can also double as a vanity. If you and your partner often tend to fall into a pattern of using your bathrooms in a certain order, then it can be helpful to create some small organizers that can help keep your bathroom spotless without having to spend an excessive amount of time reorganizing every single time you take a shower.

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