Easy Rustic Bathroom Concepts To Refresh Your Bathrooms

Any bathroom can be considered rustic when it incorporates elements of nature. Bathroom walls, floors, and fixtures are all part of the natural look and feel, and many people are inspired by the patterns and textures found in nature.

When it comes to rustic bathroom fixtures, the choices are limitless. In this post, we will be displaying 10 of the best rustic bathroom concepts that help us achieve our desire to embrace rustic elements, no matter the look and budget. You’ll see rustic bathroom cabinets, fixtures, shower doors, taps, and more – and they come in a variety of textures and styles.

Rustic Bathroom Bathroom Tiles

Tiles can add a touch of nature to your bathroom, and we have you covered with plenty of options for you to choose from. Many of these ceramic tiles are available in rustic patterns, and they come in a variety of sizes.

For a rustic bathroom, try using this American-made ceramic tile . These tiles are made from baked clay and natural stains. The natural stains give the ceramic tiles a rustic look. It’s easy to create a rustic bathroom by using natural, earthy tile.

For a rustic look, consider using natural stone or slate tile in bathroom cabinets, shower surrounds, or showers. For an earthy look, opt for a darker shade of gray like our Colonial Maple Shaker Tile . This gray gray color adds warmth and brings out the warm tones in natural stone.

If you are looking for a more colorful option, pick out this Colonial Birch Shaker Tile , which can be painted in any color. If you want a more rustic bathroom, try this rustic marble bathtub . Marble is a naturally rustic material, but it still provides the feel of stone.

Rustic Bathroom Shower Doors

In addition to using natural materials, you can incorporate rustic shower doors into your rustic bathroom. While this may be a somewhat unusual choice, they are just the right touch of rustic and primitive nature for your rustic bathroom.

This handmade wooden barn door has a wood-grain texture and a weathered look. You can also choose a decorative piece that you can paint or personalize with your own design, such as this Shaker style barn door.

Woodgrain Shaker Style Shower Doors

For an old-fashioned, rustic look, try these brass rustic shower doors. Rustic and antique bronze is a hot color that makes this shower door stand out among the rest. They can be painted or stained and are easy to install.

Wood Grain Rustic Shower Doors

In this rustic shower, each individual segment of the curtain rod is framed in wood. They make the shower feel a little more antique and unique. There are a variety of different types of this type of shower curtain rod, including the similar looking shiplap curtain rod. These types of shower curtains are much cheaper than other rustic shower curtains. These popular shower curtains are easy to install and are extremely easy to clean.

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

The rustic look is still in style, and this pine cabinet is a great place to display all of your rustic accessories. You can also go rustic with this basic walnut cabinet. The green coloring works great with rustic elements and brings it all together. You can also try one of the different rustic bathroom cabinets, like this white oak mirror cabinet. It’s perfect for adding a dose of color and texture to a simple bathroom.

Your rustic bathroom is going to have one of the most comfortable spaces you can imagine. Once the whole decor is complete, you are going to find that it’s easy to relax and unwind in your little retreat. It’s a truly relaxing space that you can enjoy as you take time for yourself. And you’re going to love what you put into making it the way that it is!