Halloween Bathroom Decorations That’ll Scare The Crap Out Of Your Friends

If you’re anything like me, you’re just so excited to get into that spooky time of year and start working on some exciting seasonal projects. If your friends are going to your place this Halloween, it is time to scare the crap out of them with your own spooky Halloween decorations at home! What could it possibly be? How about a terrifying bathroom?

All you need is some scary, spooky Halloween bathroom dĂ©cor, and you’ll be getting a bit of fright-tastic Halloween at home 🙂

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Halloween Garden

You know you need to freshen up after the dirt and muck of trick-or-treating, but there’s no need to completely strip the space. You can simply change the accessories around for a more Halloween-y vibe. Put together a little pumpkin garden around the tub, add your pumpkins on the wall, and then rest a black light bulb in the sink to create a spooky glow all around the room.

Install Hole-In-The-Wall Decoration

You can install this fun, one-of-a-kind Halloween hole in the wall decoration to welcome trick-or-treaters. Simply take any old white board, paint it with black acrylic paint, and attach it to the wall. For a creepy touch, put on some white face paint, then outline your face on the wall.

Spice Up Your Bathroom With Spooky Accents

If your bathroom is pretty minimalistic, you can add some more spooky accents to make it feel even more eerie. Check out cheap DIY ideas from Youtube on how to create an all-white bathtub with a black light. Place a black light bulb inside of the bathtub and surround it with black or white sheets and towels. It’s a simple spooky trick to brighten up your bathroom, but you’ll have the scariest black light in the neighborhood.

Halloween Bathtub DĂ©cor

If your tub isn’t painted black, you can still add in some simple black and white dĂ©cor. Find some black strips at your local Dollar Store and paint them black with acrylic paint. Line them up around the inside of the tub to make some spiked Halloween bathtub dĂ©cor.

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Not only can you create a ghoulish atmosphere for the night, but you can also save money on your decorations, since most will be on sale. Here are some great ways to decorate your home for the upcoming Halloween holiday and the great deals on Halloween décor that you can get this year. Check out some of the knickknacks for Halloween bathroom I found from Walmart and Target store:

Candy Corn Light Switch: If your bathroom is a little dark, you can light up the room with this scary looking switch.

Screaming Bloody Mary Mugs: Your definitely could really scare any guests with this scary mugs.

Incredibly Creepy Zombie Hand Bath, Walmart: The claw is so creepy, it’s worth buying.

Zombie Bathroom Curtains, Walmart: Your friends will be getting a steady stream of scariest snaps as they use your bathroom.

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