How to Choose Bathroom Countertops | Bathroom Countertops Ideas

It’s time to stop thinking that you can get away with one kind of sink or one type of mirror or one-size-fits-all tile. Whether you have small bathrooms or big ones, you need to have a well thought out bathroom design that works for you. There are plenty of bathroom style trends popping up these days, but before you decide on one, you have to decide what kind of bathroom you want.

You may like old-school bathtubs with gold detailing or you may want sleek porcelain tiles on the walls. Modern homeowners are trending towards stylish storage cabinets over a classic vanity and a frameless mirror over an old-fashioned mirror. There are so many different styles available to you. Take a look at some ideas below before upgrading your bathroom countertops.

Floating Vanity Countertop

Floating vanity countertop is the most trendy bathroom countertop trend right now. This countertop is not only stylish, it’s portable too. You can even use it to set up a vanity in your master bedroom.

The most interesting thing about this countertop is that you can choose marble or stone as the back panel of the countertop. When you order your bathroom countertop with a mirrored wall or frameless mirror, you get a floating vanity countertop that looks so sleek.

Kitchen Countertops

A stainless steel kitchen countertop is also a popular choice in the bathroom. This countertop is the same size as a countertop in your kitchen and you can fit it underneath the sink. It’s the perfect choice if you love to cook and have a small bathroom. You can leave your old sink or buy a new one with a tiled countertop in the bathroom.

Slab Countertops

Slab countertops look great with porcelain tile. You can get high-end bathroom countertops with an artisan touch like copper or brass details or mosaic. To make the countertop look seamless, you can try installing marble tiles on the bathroom countertop. It will complete the look. These countertops are perfect for people who like polished textures.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks are the most popular bathroom countertop style. A wall mounted sink is usually a peninsula sink with a slim profile with a double basin attached. A step ladder can be used to access the double basin.

These bathrooms are often spacious enough to fit an over-sized tub. The double basin sinks can also be used with a larger wash basin which also doubles as a bench seat for relaxing. If you have limited storage, you can make the space with cabinets or make use of the space behind the sink by attaching a freestanding cabinets or a nice-sized trash bin for your convenience.

Wall Mounted Faucets

The other trend in bathroom countertops is wall mounted faucets. There are also some unique wall mounted faucets such as a shower nozzle or a whirlpool tub spout. A customized spa-inspired wall-mounted sink can give you a luxury space without breaking the bank.

Most manufacturers make countertop sinks with details and grills that you can customize. If you choose a dual basin sink, you can choose the shower nozzle of your choice.

Bar Stool Bathroom Countertop

For a more functional bathroom countertop, you can get a bar stool with an apron style sink or one with a double basin. The double basin will help you clean the sink and the bar stool will give you more storage. The bar stool can be a great option if you do not like having an oval or square shaped bathroom.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on your bathroom, you can choose the best bathroom counters to complement your bathroom interior design. A modern bathroom is the best space for a beautiful bathroom. Last but not least, do not forget to ask for samples to try.