Luxury Moroccan Bathroom Design With Exotic Extravagance

A Moroccan style bathroom is a luxury bathroom with a touch of exotic extravagance. This is a look that is best suited to a bold and adventurous person who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of decorating trends.

This style is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a bathroom that is one-of-a-kind. Here are 10 ways to incorporate this look into your bathroom design.

Moroccan-inspired Bathroom Design

Choose a bathroom sink that is heavy and organic in design. Curl your toes in the deep sunken tub and breathe in the powerful scent of spices. Look through a mirror into the mirrored medicine cabinet, where you can see an extra-tall hand mirror.

Why not fill the mirror with a colorful Moroccan silk drape?

Boldly paint the walls Moroccan-blue and exotic-red. When visiting Morocco, window coverings were made from sheer fabrics, which included sheer Persians and sheer nets. This style was a nod to the nature-inspired patterns and colors of the desert sands and the intense cactus species that are found throughout the desert.

Ceiling In Morocco, the ceilings are painted with lively Islamic patterns, and Moroccan designers often stick with these designs for their bathrooms.

A Grotto-style Bathtub

One way to incorporate a retro Moroccan feel into your bathroom is to get a matching marble Jacuzzi bathtub and relax in the serene water. Whether you get a unique marble or not, you can get the feel of a classic marble bathtub in a modern style by simply installing one in a tile tub surround.

As you might imagine, a marble bathtub and marble walls are a perfect match for a marble fire place surround. However, this is a rather complex design because you need to create the illusion of a stone mantel around the marble hearth.

To give the illusion of a marble fireplace surround, install a white marble mantel on top of your modern tile surround and place a marble fire place surround behind it.

A Floor-to-ceiling Mosaic

It’s just as impressive as it is distinctive. A beautiful mosaic in the shower or tub will complete your bathroom space while being absolutely elegant. These mosaics can be found in specialty stores, but it’s also easy to make your own.

We found this technique in a book called Country French Mosaic Tile Design by J. Lynn and J. D. Hancock. A simple tile has been tumbled in an amethyst color, like this blue slab of stone. Here, the design wraps around the tub while fitting perfectly into the space.

Mix Outdoors with Indoors If you’re tired of the monochromatic look, then you should mix in some real colors. Decorating with contrasting colors is easy if you have a large palette of bright, bold ones.

Moroccan Bathroom Design – Color

Colors are an important part of any design aesthetic, and Moroccan design is no exception. Dark colors like red, brown, and orange bring out the bolder side of the style.

Mix and match these colors to create a true eye-catching design. You can also mix red and blue for a bolder look. Soothing tones are the best of the bright colors.

Warm whites, taupes, greens, and blues make Moroccan style bathrooms cozy and calming. They also offer a great contrast to the bold colors.

Moroccan Bathroom Design – Ornate

You’ll first have to identify your new “style” preference. Traditional is a good start.

However, there are plenty of variations you can try, such as a subtle blend with a bit of contemporary flair. You can even try mixing styles and palettes to create a more unique design.

The nice thing about this style is that it’s not limited to one decorator’s taste. The colorful, ornate style is one that’s enjoyed by many.

Thick Circular Drawer Handle: This is an effective decorating trick that’s easy to integrate into any design. Paint the underside of the drawer drawer handle a contrasting color to brighten it up. You can also paint the front of the drawer handle to coordinate with the rest of the door or drawer.

Moroccan Bathroom Design – Textured

Make your bathroom a centerpiece with a Moroccan textured tile accent wall. This large wall tile design can be seen all over the world in Moroccan style houses, and it complements the luxurious bathroom cabinetry. This roomy, deep sink and oversized bathtub is perfect for a relaxing soak.

African Inspired Design — Painting your bathtub an olive drab or dark turquoise color will make this Moroccan style bathroom a unique piece of art. Even an oversized tub like this one is small enough to take up the whole room. The choice of bathtub also sets this bathroom apart from any of the other bathrooms in the house.

Moroccan Bathroom Design – Geometric

Pale tile is the simplest and most affordable way to give your bathroom a Moroccan vibe, and tiles like these geometric ones by Karastella will do the trick. To make this bathroom especially bold, give it a gold accent wall. Try this metallic mirror to set the mood. The floor should be cerused or rammed and use Moroccan copper lighting fixtures to add to the “mysterious” feel.

Geometry With Marble:

If you want to go for something more affordable, this simple geometrically patterned marble tile pattern from is a good option. To accentuate the geometrically patterned tile on the floor, you can use tiles in the same pattern. This decorative geometric marble pattern will add interest and sophistication to your bathroom, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Moroccan Style Bathroom Features

A Moroccan style bathroom is most often characterized by brightly colored tiles. This look is more about extravagance than function. Just like fashion, bold and colorful design is all about making a statement. If you want to get a similar Moroccan style look in your bathroom, you’ll need to select a bold color palette and unique designs for your tiles and fixtures.

In addition to these physical elements, your bathroom will also benefit from Moroccan style décor. Moroccan style bathrooms are designed for people who prefer sophisticated and romantic bathrooms. These showers may look like a Persian rug or they may have antique tile.

Moroccan Style Bathroom Décor

The Moroccan style isn’t something that is limited to a particular decorating style, but it can also be combined with other design trends. You can use Moroccan style to really create a truly special bathroom that is just about the size of your average guest bathroom.

When you combine this Moroccan style with a minimalist style bathroom, you will be rewarded with a modern and minimalist design with a touch of Moroccan flair.

Whatever style you choose, one thing is for certain: a Moroccan bathroom will make your bathroom stand out. This Moroccan style can be used in combination with other decorating styles, but the extravagant and bold Moroccan style will make your bathroom unique.

Moroccan Style Lighting

You can bring Moroccan style to your bathroom light fixtures if you choose to use one or two floor to ceiling lights. You can also use this style for shower or faucet fixtures.

Adding a floor to ceiling light fixture is a great way to bring in Moroccan style to the room.

A ceiling made of textured metal would look amazing in a Moroccan bathroom. You can also add texture to your ceiling by using a Moroccan inspired rug on top of it. Add a Moroccan shower curtain to this space to give it some depth.

If you want to bring the Moroccan style into the bathroom, you can buy a Moroccan style soap dispenser to match your bathroom’s design.

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