Master Bathroom Ideas – 8 Tips for a Great Master Bathroom

A master bathroom is a personal and luxurious space. It can be your sanctuary, your refuge. It’s a space of luxury and comfort.

You’ve spent years dreaming of it. You’ve been saving up for it, you’ve been collecting the perfect pieces for it, and now it’s time to build it. Or, you know, renovate it.

Either way, it’s time to take the plunge and make your master bathroom dreams come true. Here are five tips for turning your dream bathroom into a reality.


An easy way to transform a room in a flash is to paint it. Or at least, to repaint it. Clean up any issues and you’ll have a brand new bathroom in less than a day.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, we suggest making new plans and revisions to your original plan. Doing so gives you the opportunity to address any issues that you may have had with the original floor plan or design.

If your master bathroom is anything like the rest of your house, your water usage is through the roof. Use that as a reason to get the most out of your water and invest in a tankless water heater. Part of doing a remodel is getting rid of the old so you can start fresh.

Bathroom Tiles

There are a lot of beautiful tile styles out there. Colorful or historical patterns, mid-century modern or streamlined industrial, they all look great. And they all have advantages and drawbacks.

It’s important to decide what your style is going to be before you start. One of the best things about tile is that you can take inspiration from any type of space and easily adapt it to fit your own.

If you’re into mid-century modern design, find one that has similar colors and shapes to what you want, but also be sure to stick with simple shapes like rectangles and squares.

Think about your personal preferences too. Think about whether you like softer patterns or edgier ones. Are you more interested in metallic finishes? Or are you more into taupe and grays?

Sinks or Basins

The sink or basin is probably the largest item in the bathroom and it’s the most expensive as well.

To determine your master bath sink, look at the size and number of cabinets you have. If you have a huge master bath with a lot of built-in storage, a spa-like basin is the way to go.

If you have a smaller master bath with only one small sink, it might be cheaper to buy a basin with a narrow opening, unless you really like the look of those small sinks.

There are some important plumbing and/or electrical considerations when it comes to choosing a sink. Start by gathering as much information as possible, then take the time to visit several stores to compare them.

Bathroom Vanity

When you first start working on a bathroom, the vanity is usually the first thing to go. This is because it is often the most complicated piece of the bathroom, as it needs to be strong and durable, yet also beautiful and functional.

Because of the complexity of the project, often times it is necessary to buy an assembly kit to get everything put together in one piece.

This could mean you’re working with a bigger budget, and that may be a daunting obstacle to overcome, but it is completely worth it to have one-piece bathroom cabinets instead of a series of smaller units. They’ll save you time, money, and patience and also look much more expensive.

Make it a Spa Sanctuary

A spa-like bathroom makes a good investment because it will enhance the experience of using the rest of your house.

Buy good quality products and use them to their fullest. Buy scented bath and body products. Buy glass shower doors. Lush bath products. Incense. Warm towels. Beautiful towel racks and valances.

Go all out and it’ll be a luxury for years to come.

Make it a smart bathroom — Everything in your master bathroom has to be connected to your master control system. If you want to be able to remotely control the temperature, lighting, blinds, and even the shower head, it’s essential.

Having a remote control is the best way to enjoy the bathroom to your heart’s content. Rearrange the counters and cabinets A bathroom is usually designed to be a personal retreat.

Load up on the Lighting

Master bathrooms are usually lit by large, period-correct chandeliers or sconces. The great thing about these is that you don’t have to worry about too many bulbs for a beautiful night light.

And, since they’re above the tub, the light is always on, so you never miss a dose of Shower Season or a subtle moment of relaxation. However, they can be pretty expensive, which means you might want to compromise.

Instead, try lighting fixtures that use LEDs. Be careful with the décor. Every master bath needs an element of style, but too much can be stifling.

The space has to blend in with the rest of the home so it’s not a stark contrast from the rest of the décor.

Stick with a look that is understated and modern. Don’t leave the shower curtain alone Don’t leave the shower curtain alone.

Choose a Single Theme or Color Palette

We’ve talked before about how important it is to have a single theme for the bathroom that will bring it together. This is essential to finding a single focus for the entire space.

If you have multiple themes in the space, that can look disjointed and messy. Using a single color scheme will allow you to focus on one area of the space and make it look beautiful.

When you start building the bathroom, start thinking about how you plan on using it.

What would you do in there? Do you shower every morning? Do you take a bath every night? Is this your own personal escape room?

This will help you with your color choices. If you’re using a space that’s dedicated to showering, then that’s the color palette you need to start with.

Maximize the Space

Most bathrooms have long, narrow spaces that can seem confining. It’s easy to want to hang every single thing in the bathroom on the wall. This could literally be every single thing.

I mean, sometimes you need a shower head (some things are just for showering!), but don’t have enough wall space for everything you’ll need. Instead, make smart use of the wall space you have.

Do you have a medicine cabinet or vanity mirror? Can you hang an additional vanity light over the mirror?

What about placing a storage bin above the vanity, underneath the sink? Or, perhaps you can convert your medicine cabinet into a built-in towel bar? Or paint your vanity frame to match your towel rod and put a mirrored shelf over the top of the mirror?


Don’t let lack of experience or not knowing how to do things stop you from having a luxurious master bathroom. With the tips we’ve discussed, you can have a custom, luxurious master bathroom in no time. Build up your confidence, get out there and start making it your dream bathroom.

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