Simple and Beautiful Bathroom Decor Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Project!

Bathroom decorating can be intimidating. You want to make your bathroom look nice, but you also want it to be practical. Thankfully, it turns out you can do both. Here are some of my favorite bathroom ideas for you to try. They’re simple, beautiful, and practical.

Which Color Should I Paint The Walls?

In terms of a wall color, my personal favorite is lavender. It’s a calming color that makes any space look more welcoming. This color is great for creating a soothing ambiance in the bathroom. You could also choose a lavender accent color for the walls to make it feel a little more colorful. I would suggest using color in other areas of your house, too, to make it feel more cohesive.

The color you choose for your bathroom walls will be the first thing that guests will notice when they walk into your bathroom. I’m talking about the colors of your tiles, the counter top, and the mirror. The next question is, which color do you want to paint your walls?

I’d recommend going for neutral colors because they will create an easy-to-clean feel. You can always add color with accessories. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the color you choose for your bathroom wall will affect the color of your tub or shower.

For example, if you choose yellow for the walls, your tub will be yellow as well. Color Your Tiles Use what you already have. Old towels and blankets can work great for a quick bathroom makeover. What Colors Should I Paint My Counter Top?

What Type Of Flooring Should I Use?

Now that you know which décor style you like, you need to decide on a flooring style. If you’re planning to put a tile or granite on your bathroom floor, it’s best to choose something that can withstand water damage. Stone floors and stoneware tiles are two of the most popular choices, but it’s not a must-have in every bathroom.

If you choose ceramic or porcelain tile, the tiles themselves can be either porous or nonporous. Porosity allows the water to flow through the tile, while nonporous tiles block any water flow from the tile. You can choose porous and nonporous tiles in the same bathroom, but for a cleaner look, I recommend using a single type of tile.

Which Sink Should I Use?

To get started, think about what sink you want in the bathroom. Ideally, you want a separate sink for your utility sink, and another one for your everyday sink. In my humble opinion, it’s more practical to have two separate sinks, as it means you’ll never have to wash dirty dishes in the same sink you use to brush your teeth. It makes a big difference, too.

If your bathroom is really tiny and the two sinks are side by side, you might run out of room for other things in the space (like storage). This also means that you might need to buy more storage space for your bathroom. It’s not hard to find storage solutions for both of your sinks, but you’ll still want to think carefully about what you need it for.

What Type Of Countertop Should I Use?

There are so many countertop options, including granite and marble. I’m partial to concrete countertops, myself. But whatever you choose, you should make sure you have the right accessories to complement your countertops. It’s a lot easier to have mismatched countertops and accessories, than to have a pristine countertop and mismatched accessories.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

For a modern, stylish bathroom, try a new curtain. The tile will also add a nice backdrop. You can also hang the mirror in a different place in the room. Or, if your bathroom has a lot of natural light, try hanging a skylight to give it even more light.

Keep in mind, however, that skylights can get expensive. So for more practical, less expensive ideas, try this smaller skylight from Ballard Designs. This is the perfect size for a bathroom vanity or a small shelf. Another useful way to decorate your bathroom is with a couple of wall art frames.

Pick your favorite image or quote and place it in a frame on the wall. If you want to go even further, paint a frame to match your towel racks. A bathroom that’s boring just won’t cut it.

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