Small Bathroom Decorating Hacks That Make Big Impact

With the new year upon us, we’re seeing more than ever that not only are people taking style cues from how they live, but the changing bathroom trends they see is an ever-changing mix of decorative eras and trends. Not only is there the desire to create a place for people to feel and be themselves, but we’ve seen a huge shift in the desire for more storage for products like soaps and toiletries.

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom or change the way you keep a few household items like sponges, towels and razors, there are simple and cheap decorating tricks that you can do to transform your bathroom into a fresh and beautifully designed space. Below are a number of budget-friendly decorating tricks that will be sure to add some much-needed style to your bathroom.

Alter The Storage

Whether you have a built-in cabinets or shelving, be sure to add some extra storage to your bathroom to create a more seamless space. Make your tub extra useful by adding a shower caddy. To add even more storage,  you can create a really large storage bucket that has a separate base and separate lid, like a pop-up shower caddy.

You can also add hooks on the walls as well as some additional hooks under the sink for clothes and other things. If you have shelves in your shower, be sure to add some hooks or little pockets to store towels and things. Even a small “shower caddy” can look beautiful.

Add A Focal Point

Adding a focal point into your bathroom can create a place that’s more inviting and encourages people to linger longer. You can do this by creating something that catches the eye. For example, rather than a mirror, install a big framed piece of art on the wall or for less investment, hang things on the walls.

Create The Illusion of Height

If you are looking to make a statement in your bathroom, consider adding some extra height. Try to accent the upper part of your walls with some mirrors, as people look at the space from the bottom up, it may appear a little smaller.

If you look up and see a chandelier or some new lighting, it can really make a space seem a lot larger. They aren’t the most budget-friendly fix but they can really make a difference.

Add Some Color

Brick and chrome are still on the trends lists for bathroom style, but you can also opt for something with a little more personality. Even just the neutral grey can be painted in an interesting color like blue or green, to give your space a different look. At the end of the day, each space is its own unique space.

Take the opportunity to play around with a bold color. This is a great way to instantly change the look of a space and add more personality, while still keeping things neutral.

Update the Decorations

The simple way to update your space is to update the towels. The way we live our lives has changed – now we get a towel for every place we go. Try to incorporate natural materials and natural fibers to personalize your bathroom, without having to spend a lot of money.

Don’t underestimate the value of having towels that match your bathroom and your bedding. Make sure your towels match your surroundings.  The other thing I would consider adding in are very expensive things that can really have a big impact. If you have a really luxurious towel or even a good quality washer-dryer, the investment makes a huge impact.

Incorporate Greenery

When it comes to your bathroom, you want to make it feel like you’re on vacation. You can do this with plants, paint and other elements. If you’re really into a new and different look, consider giving your tub a fresh coat of paint. It can be a statement piece in the bathroom.

The best way to keep your bathroom clean is to always add in a basin, it’s just a quick way to kill germs and kill bacteria. It’s something that not a lot of people think of, but it will make cleaning a lot easier.

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