Top 10 Modern Bathroom Design Tips

I’ve long admired clean, minimalist, and simple home interiors. If you live a high-stress life, with work, family, and home chores, the bathroom can be the haven where you go to decompress and restore your equilibrium.

I’m not good at home remodeling, at least not in my opinion; but this pandemic had given me a great opportunity to remodel my bathroom into a trendy modern bathroom! In this article, I am going to share with you some good design principles I used in designing my bathroom.


Open spaces are crucial to help give your bathroom a relaxing, refreshing, and calm feel. White walls and clear glass are a great way to bring in light, which will make you feel good. Open storage bins in your shower, bathtub, and on the vanity should not only contain your everyday items (ie. soap, shampoo, shaving cream, etc.), but also allow for storage of the things you use regularly.

Ideally, there should be storage racks on the wall above or below your sink, and underneath it should be a bench to rest your feet on. A toilet has its own cabinet/drawer that can be covered to block out noise, and also to store extra supplies and towels.

A shower wall can be covered with an upholstered ottoman to provide seating, extra storage, and space for a soaker tub. A mirror above the vanity will help illuminate and give visual continuity to your space, and a large, semi-transparent window on one wall is a great way to bring in natural light and add a touch of elegance and luxury.


Even though I think a bathroom suite should be a relaxing and calming environment, it should be functional and easily cleaned and maintained. Therefore, a comfortable, easy-to-clean bathroom is critical to feel comfortable in your space.

Dirty shower grout, grout in the bathtub, and grout on the floor are serious problems that should be fixed before you invest in a new bathroom suite. I like to use a more durable, non-porous stone material, like limestone, that can be easily cleaned.

If you’re not installing a bathtub or shower, you can simply lay some lime stone on the floors and walls and let the stone retain its natural appearance for a few years, or even longer. When the time comes to install new bath or shower tiles, I typically use white tiles, in matte finish, and this gives the bathroom a fresh, modern look.

Right Size

To help the bathroom feel more spacious, it is very important to choose the right size and type of vanities. A lot of people tend to make their vanity larger and bigger than it needs to be. Choose a smaller vanity that is easy to clean, easy to find, and easy to use, such as the one in the bathroom above.

The same should be said for the sinks. If you have a tight bathroom, for example a 30′-long space, which is very common in a studio apartment, you should not place the sink above the tub. To save space, keep the sink a little lower, and install a pedestal sink. The ideal size for a sink in a small bathroom is approximately 11″ x 18″ or 13″ x 24″, but there is no right or wrong size.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford luxury or high-end bathroom accessories, such as a vanity with a mirror above it, a walk-in closet for towels, a wet/dry shower, double sinks, a makeup station with a mirror, and a two-in-one vanity that has both a stovetop sink and a refrigerator (or both a stovetop sink and a separate sink), then stick with what you already have, which is the opposite of a lot of designers’ advice for smaller bathrooms.


A drawback with small bathroom is that it’s going to be tricky to find the appropriate products that are not only convenient, but also strong and durable. When we have projects that have to deal with PVC or thick plastics, for example, we have to be extra careful when using products, as they can tear easily when installed incorrectly. A compromise you can make is to buy those affordable shower bars, which look elegant and pretty, but are also simple and practical.

You should also consider adding some type of storage or hookup to your bathroom. A nice storage shelf, especially when you are limited with the available space, can help you a lot. I have a second drawer above my toilet for any odds and ends I may need, such as extra flannels, cleaning supplies, or a towel, and a narrow shelf on the wall for my towels and bathmats. The shelves are very handy, especially when the bathtub is not visible, and when it comes to storage, less is more!


If you are not in a situation to spend a lot of money on a bathroom, it is very important to choose a bathroom that is a hybrid between an urban minimalist bathroom and a classic French bathroom. Do not design your bathroom to fit in with the rest of the rooms in the house, because that won’t work. The bathroom should reflect your personality, style, and mood. Look at magazines, art galleries, or any other source of inspiration for ideas on how to add or update your bathroom suite.